Expert UX/UI Designer

Hi! I'm Cameron Calder, an expert UX/UI Designer/Engineer based in Wales!

Portfolio Projects

I am currently working on bringing across all my designs from websites, web-apps, tablet and more. It requires slightly different assets and displays than mobile, if you would like to view every project in full then drop me a message!


Current CEO, Founder @ QZee & UX/UI Designer @ Nagra.

5+ years of personal, professional & academic experience in UX/UI design, development and research. Experience through concept, design & into implementation. Thorough use of Figma, Adobe tools and various UX testing software.

4+ years of personal, professional & academic experience in software development & computer science. Tech stack – React, HTML & CSS, Prolog, Python, Haskell, JavaScript & PHP.

I also have a keen eye for business development and marketing and have substantial experience working for & running start-ups, working with me will add value in a variety of other business areas not limited to UX.


Awards & Recognition


UX Designer - Admiral
Nov 2023 - Present
UX/UI Designer - Nagra Kudelski
Sept 2022 - Nov 2023
UX Lead - QZee Ltd
June 2021 - Present
UX/UI Designer Prompt
July 2022 - Sept 2022
Feeelance Dev - VNECTIV
Sept 2019 - Sept 2021
BSc Computer Science Degree
Sept 2018 - Sept 2022
Designer- Welsh Gov
Mar 2014 - Jul 2014

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